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Join Australia’s newest Festival dedicated to bringing packaged food, drink & pet food brand owners, retail buyers, media & industry experts together under one roof.

Whether you’re new to the packaged food, drink & pet food industry or a seasoned foodpreneur, get ready for an epic celebration of all things sales + promotion at Foodpreneurs Festival! 

Founder’s Luncheon

Elevate your founder journey with the Founder’s Luncheon. This intimate, Chatham House Rule gathering, offers rare face-to-face connections with the who’s who of the emerging and challenger food and beverage world. It’s a targeted forum for passionate entrepreneurs with a packaged food or drink brand to connect directly with other Foodpreneurs; from those early on in their growth journey to seasoned food innovators and industry trailblazers with million-dollar brands. Leave inspired, empowered, and equipped to propel your business to new heights.

Main Stage

Hear ‘mistake-saving’ advice from experts on the Main Stage.

Pitch Hub

Pitch to buyers and get on the retail shelf in the Pitch Hub.

Express Lane

Hear expert advice to scale in the Express Lane.

Stickybeak Station

Showcase your product at Stickybeak Station.

Collaboration Corner

Find new customers through Collaboration Corner.

Happy Hour

Network with all Festival goers at the end of the day.

Hear What Ticket Holders Have to Say

“Thank you so much for such an incredible day. What an amazing opportunity for little food brands trying to break into the big bad world of retail to experience. I was on cloud 9 to see SNP so well embraced. Thank you for curating such an amazing day.”

~ Elizabeth Hewson from Saturday Night Pasta

“…thank you again, for helping to get us to pitch Brain and Brawn to David Jones, Panetta and The Natural Grocery Company. We believe all 3 pitches went very well, and are confident of good outcomes… We had an excellent day and got a lot of value from the talks which were all fantastic.”

~ Yan and Alan from Brain and Brawn

“I had three pitches, they’ve been excellent, it’s been great to meet DJ’s, Flannerys, The Natural Grocery Company and Panetta…and I’ve had really good indications from two (of the buyers).”

~ Mark from Avalon Health Club

“I just thought you should know that I have had a positive response from David Jones…and Panetta have also reached out as they saw the products on Stickybeak Station…it has been a great experience and very tangible.”

~ Fatema from The Chai Room

“WOW! THANK YOU… (the Festival) certainly exceeded my expectations and opened some doors. Making connections to stores, normally out of reach to smaller, lesser known emerging Brands, through this event, was an amazing opportunity..”

~ Georgina from Giddy Citizen

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given Morella Grove and other producers to pitch our products to these gourmet retailers. You have put together such an incredible opportunity for us producers to talk directly with buyers in the industry that normally would require a lot of time and leg work for us.”

~ Natasha Dal Bon from Morella Grove

“I thought it would just be a buyers expo when I bought my ticket but it turned into so much more! Amazing!”

~ Janessa Rutter from Bask&Co

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organising this festival. We believe it will be a fantastic opportunity for us to learn and grow!”

~ Melanie Sawla & Bhuvan Dua from Fox Pops

“Thanks for putting on this event – I found it very useful last year before going to market. Definitely the best source of information around for small brands!”

~ Alexandra from Nimbus

“I got a lot out of the talks. What an amazing line up you put together.”

~ Jesse Lore from LORE Australia

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