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Collaboration Corner: Your Pathway to New Brand-Boosting Partnerships.

It is the connections you form with other foodpreneurs, and the different ways you collaborate with them, that can help you extend your customer reach, grow your business and take your brand to new places. And best of all? It can all be done on a budget!


… you bring your granola and we’ll help you find the milk. 

… you bring your craft soda, and we’ll help you find the crisps.

No matter what food or drink products you make, there’s a like-minded, non-competing foodpreneur out there looking for a brand just like yours. Why? Because collaboration has been proven to help brands boost sales and build networks. 

To get involved it’s as simple as picking up the approved form for use from our registration table on the day of the Festival, filling it out at the Festival and pinning it up at Collaboration Corner. If someone sees a great fit with your brand, they’ll reach out to you using your nominated contact method. And you can do the same! 

Collaboration Corner is your opportunity to think outside the box and see how many brands you can collaborate with to broaden your reach and boost your sales. 

Go on, expand your world – we dare you!