Express Lane: Accelerate Your Scale Journey.

Spend less time in your head, less resources with failed attempts and more time focused on the right things.

Sit, face-to-face, with specialist industry experts focused solely on your product, your plan and your product’s potential.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll be assigned a fifteen minute time slot to meet with up to four experts hand picked by Chelsea Ford, Foodpreneurs Festival founder;
  2. Experts will be rotating throughout the day and we cannot guarantee who you will meet with;
  3. During your allotted time you will sit with industry experts of our choosing to tell your story on how you want your sales, marketing and money journey to go; and
  4. In return, get specialist expertise on how you should make it happen.

This is your golden opportunity:

  • Hear the biggest make or break moment you should take advantage of right now (as the expert sees it) so you scale, profitably and productively; and
  • Become aware of the challenges foodpreneurs typically make with your type of product, at your stage of business.

This session will see you walk away with expert advice on the steps to take to hit your stride faster – an opportunity too good to miss for the price of a basket of gourmet goodies.

All you need to do is take these simple steps: 

  1. buy a Festival ticket (you can’t join the Express Lane without one!)
  2. buy an Express Lane ‘add on’ ticket.
  3. wait for your Express Lane time slot to be emailed to you (be assured there won’t be a crossover with your pitch time if you’ve successfully applied to pitch to retail buyers).
  4. rock on up to the Express Lane on Festival day 15 minutes before your Express Lane time slot.
  5. talk, face-to-face, for 15 minutes with the expert or experts.

Tickets are extremely limited for the Express Lane opportunity. Become a Festival Insider and access early-bird tickets for our 2024 event.

Our 2023 Express Lane Partners Were From These Enterprises