Main Stage: Expert Advice All Under the One Roof.

Discover how far you could really take your food and drink brand by hearing what the experts and leading foodpreneurs say and do.

Launching, growing and scaling a packaged food and drink brand is hard. That’s why we’re so excited to make it so much easier for you. Coming to the Main Stage of Foodpreneurs Festival is the best of the best from the industry.

  • Cut the right corners by hearing what mistakes they made so you can avoid those. 
  • Double down on the activities that they know work and recommend. 
  • Get behind-the-scenes of the industry’s most clever hacks so you scale seamlessly without overwhelm or burnout. 

Packaged up and delivered straight to you on the Main Stage will be one expert and experienced foodpreneur after the other. There is no other place you can get all this expertise under the one roof for the specialty food and drink industry in Australia. No where. And there is no time like the present to hear what industry experts and leading brand owners have to say about navigating the industry and the economic challenges facing so many right now.

No more Facebook group searches or Googling. 

No more using hope as your strategy. 

This is IT!

The Festival Main Stage line up will be epic. The full schedule will be released soon.

* Please note:  You must have a ticket to apply to pitch to the retail buyers and your application does not guarantee you a pitching time slot. 

Pitching application forms can be found here and a big list of your FAQs will help you out with anything you’re unsure about.