Stickybeak Station: Showcasing Great Food & Drink Products – Including Yours!

We’ve got a confession: our name is Foodpreneurs Festival and we are nosey parkers. Yep, there’s nothing we like more than having a stickybeak at specialty food, drink & pet food products on the market… and we know we’re not alone!

We invite you to bring along two products (maximum) so we, and all festival-goers, can have a good old stickybeak at the fabulousness you’ve created. 

It doesn’t matter if your product is new to market or has been around for a while, as long as it is shelf-ready, and shelf-stable, there’s a space for you on the station. We know not all goodies will be able to withstand a whole day at room temperature and we don’t want anyone to miss out so if your product is not shelf-stable, just bring the packaging and pop that on the shelves!

Please note there won’t be any heating, chilling or freezing facilities.

Stickybeak Station will attract the eyeballs of retail buyers, distributors, sales agents, media, fellow-foodpreneurs and more – all in one day! If you’ve got grand plans to scale your business, get involved because you never know who will notice you, who you will discover and what opportunities will arise. And best of all, the cost to showcase your product is all included in the Festival ticket price!

So, become a Festival Insider and be the first to find out when early bird tickets go on sale for 2025 and we’ll see you at the Station!