Accelerate your scale journey.

Spend less time in your head, less resources with failed attempts and more time focused on the right things.

Sit, face-to-face, with specialist industry experts focused solely on your product, your plan and your product’s potential.

In fifteen minutes, either with one or with multiple industry experts, tell your story on how you want your sales, marketing and money journey to go and in return, get specialist expertise on how you should make it happen.

This is your golden opportunity:

  1. Hear the biggest make or break moment you should take advantage of right now (as the expert sees it) so you scale, profitably and productively; and
  2. Become aware of the challenges foodpreneurs typically make with your type of product, at your stage of business.

This session will see you walk away with expert advice on the steps to take to hit your stride faster – an opportunity too good to miss for the price of a basket of gourmet goodies.


Showcasing great food & drink products – including yours!

We’ve got a confession: our name is Foodpreneurs Festival and we are nosey parkers. Yep, there’s nothing we like more than having a stickybeak at specialty food & drink products on the market… and we know we’re not alone! 

At this year’s Festival we invite you to bring along your best product so we, and all festival-goers, can have a good old stickybeak at the fabulousness you’ve created. 

It doesn’t matter if your product is new to market or has been around for a while, as long as it is retail-ready, there’s a space for you on the shelf. There’s also space for non-ambient product packaging, because not all goodies will be able to withstand a whole day at room temperature and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

Stickybeak Station will attract the eyeballs of retail buyers, distributors, sales agents, journalists, fellow-foodpreneurs and more – all in one day! If you’ve got grand plans to scale your business, get involved because you never know who will notice you, who you will discover and what opportunities will arise. And best of all, the cost to showcase your product is all included in the Festival ticket price!

So, get your Festival ticket asap and we’ll see you at the Station!


Your pathway to new brand-boosting partnerships.

It is the connections you form with other foodpreneurs, and the different ways you collaborate with them, that can help you extend your customer reach, grow your business and take your brand to new places. And best of all? It can all be done on a budget!


… you bring your granola and we’ll help you find the milk. 

… you bring your craft soda, and we’ll help you find the crisps.

No matter what food or drink products you make, there’s a like-minded, non-competing foodpreneur out there looking for a brand just like yours. Why? Because collaboration has been proven to help brands boost sales and build networks. 

To get involved it’s as simple as filling out your details and pinning them up at Collaboration Corner at the festival. If someone sees a great fit with your brand, they’ll reach out to you using your nominated contact method. And you can do the same! 

Collaboration Corner is your opportunity to think outside the box and see how many brands you can collaborate with to broaden your reach and boost your sales. 

Go on, expand your world – we dare you!