Happy Hour: It’s Not What You Know, But Whom You Know.

Happy Hour is a networking opportunity like no other. The food and drink industry is filled to the brim with nuances that no one outside of the industry understands. We know this! And often ordinary networking opportunities leave foodpreneurs cold. That’s why we created Happy Hour.

Meet, be introduced, introduce yourself or just hang around in the good vibes and magic of what will be the event to be at in Australia.

We invite you to stick around after the main events to be with all festival-goers because at 4pm we have a golden hour of networking just for our industry. Where else do you need to be? (Okay possibly with friends and family but hey, it’s Friday afternoon!)

Step up and step into the Happy Hour – we’ll be just outside the Main Stage area of the Festival.

And just so you’re clear, it doesn’t matter if you are not a confident networker, we’ve got you. Trust us, we’ll take care of you.

Happy Hour will be where retail buyers, distributors, sales agents, media, fellow-foodpreneurs and more all gather at the end of the day to celebrate the wins of new listings, new collaborations and new friendships! If you know you need to plug in to get your grand plans off the ground, then join us. And the cost? Yeh, nah, there isn’t one. Happy Hour is included in the Festival ticket price!

So, go get your Festival ticket now and we’ll see you at Happy Hour!