FAQ  – Attending

Why should I attend the Foodpreneurs Festival?

Foodpreneurs Festival is the only one of its kind in Australia. It is a day where foodpreneurs have the opportunity to pitch to a range of retail buyers from some of the biggest independent supermarkets around Australia; travel down the ‘Express Lane’ to get expert help on how to grow your business and put more money in your pocket; showcase your great food & drink product on ‘Stickybeak Station’; rub shoulders with other foodpreneurs at ‘Collaboration Corner’; plus loads more. Foodpreneurs Festival is only held once a year and it is THE event every foodpreneur should do their darndest not to miss. Once you’ve got a ticket, you can apply to pitch to our retail partners. Terms and conditions apply.

Is the Festival just for Sydney-based Foodpreneurs?

Goodness no! Our retail and media partners, not to mention other foodpreneurs, want to know about products from all over Australia. That’s why they’ve partnered with us!


How do I get there?

The Sydney Startup Hub is located on Level 1, 11-31 York St, SYDNEY NSW 2000. The closest train station is Wynyard. Plan your trip using the Transport NSW website here.

How do I check-in?

Rock up to the registration desk at the Sydney StartUp Hub with your ticket, and the Foodpreneurs Festival team will take care of you.

Is there disability access?

Yes, there is disability access and the Foodpreneurs Festival has made every effort to accommodate different people’s needs.

Is this event for all?

You betcha it is. We believe in equal rights for all people, no matter their gender, race, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

Are children allowed to attend?

Of course, children under 15 are free and babies and prams are welcome too. Please note ‘Stickybeak Station’, ‘Express Lane’ and the ‘Pitching Hub’ are all child-free zones.

Do I need to bring my ticket on the day?

Yes. The quickest way to get through registration and start soaking up all that is on offer at the Festival is to have your ticket ready when you arrive. 

If I don’t want to pitch to a buyer, can I still come along?

Absolutely! Foodpreneurs Festival is open to all foodpreneurs regardless of what stage of business you are at and interest in pitching. There’s loads on offer and you can find the schedule here

Will there be products to purchase on the day?

Not this time. This is a business-to-business (aka trade only) event and whilst you’ll get a stickybeak of lots of incredible products, they won’t be for sale. But, keep an eye out for the brand owner and ask them where you can buy their products! 

Will there be food and drinks available for purchase at the Foodpreneurs Festival?

Sure will be! There is an onsite caterer at the venue, Sydney StartUp Hub, and they have a kiosk on site, there’s plenty of eateries including take-away food shops nearby and don’t forget we’ll have some drinks and nibbles at the end of the day.

Is there an ATM on site?

Not on site but being a CBD venue there are plenty close by. Here’s the link to Google maps outlining where they are.

What is ‘Express Lane’?

It’s your golden opportunity to accelerate your scale journey by sitting face-to-face with specialist industry experts. Read more about how you can save your seat here.

What is ‘Stickybeak Station’?

We’re in the FMCG space, so we figured you’ve got to showcase your great food & drink packaged product! Read more about how your product can be showcased here.

What is ‘Collaboration Corner’?

Your pathway to new brand-boosting partnerships. Read more about how you can boost your sales and build you network here.

Can I attend virtually?

It’s predominantly a networking event. The purpose is to rub shoulders with specialist industry experts, other foodpreneurs and the opportunity to pitch to retail buyers. It therefore will not be live streamed.