FAQ  – Networking

Who will be attending Foodpreneurs Festival?

Foodpreneurs from far and wide will be attending. When we say far and wide we mean far and wide. From Albany to Auckland, London to Launceston, Wellington to Wentworth Falls, and many places in between. We’re not kidding! Foodpreneurs are coming from around the globe. Wouldn’t you if you wanted to meet like-minded brand owners, hear mistake-saving advice and access a range of retail buyers? Also, in addition to food, drink and pet food brand owners, there will be industry specialists who are experts in logistics, distribution, production, packaging design, selling, food tech and a whole lot more. 

Who will be attending Founder's Luncheon?

Good question! It’s a new event this year. Our Founder’s Luncheon is designed to facilitate meaningful networking, ensuring that the bonds formed at the luncheon extend far beyond the event itself. We think you’ll find support and inspiration from other food, drink and pet food brand owners who know how you feel, and are in the trenches with you so the ‘loneliness’ of being a food or drink founder is a thing of the past. Read more about Founder’s Luncheon here.

Can I meet the speakers?

Most of the speakers will be available after their session. We encourage you to mingle in the Festival Fairground area which will be the heart of the event and stay for Happy Hour at the end of the day for networking, and to let your hair down!

Can I sit with my friends during speaking sessions?

You sure can, but we can’t reserve seats, so make sure you get to Foodpreneurs Festival early to register and then find seats together in the room where the Main Stage is. Seats cannot be reserved between sessions.

How do I share this event with my friends and fellow foodpreneurs?

So glad you asked. Make sure you tag us @foodpreneursfestival and #foodpreneursfestival on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to follow our channels because we’d love to keep you in the loop of all the exciting developments as they are revealed. Afterall, we are building the biggest community of emerging and challenger brands in the Asia Pacific region and we’ve only just begun!

I’d love to meet other foodpreneurs. What’s the best way to do that?

There will be loads of opportunities to do that. Firstly we encourage you to mingle in the Festival Fairground area which will be the heart of the event. We also encourage you to include your details at Collaboration Corner. And finally, there will be networking opportunities at Happy Hour at the end of the day.